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Technical Data

Width: 45 mm
Nominal voltage: AC/DC
Thermal current Ith max.: 5 A
Output contacts max.: 2 C/O contacts
Enclosure design: Switch cabinet
Type: BA 7961


The contact protection relay BA 7961 protects sensitive control contacts of e.g. digital plc outputs, limit contacts on measuring devices, low load reed contacts against early wearing. It has a low input consumtion on B1-B2 control input and a high switching capacity of the output using a robust relay for mains voltage with 2 changeover contacts. Unintended switching caused by contact bouncing or vibrations are suppressed by an adjustable on delay and a fixed off delay. The auxiliary supply A1/A2, the control input B1/B2 and the output contacts are galvanically separated. The control input must be voltfree, no external voltage must be connected. 2 LEDs show connected power supply and status of the output relay.

Datasheet: Click here


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